How to sell a VPO Official Protection home

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How to sell a VPO home ?

Everything you need to know before selling a VPO home

What is a VPO home ?

☑ Officially protected housing (VPO) It is a type of housing arranged with state funds to guarantee access to housing for citizens with fewer resources.. These properties have a very low stipulated price and are governed by the autonomous community.

What requirements are needed to acquire a VPO home?

☑ Use the home for habitual residence and permanent.
Not owning another home or possess it by virtue of a real right of enjoyment or enjoyment for life.
☑ Your weighted family income may not exceed the maximum income that the current Autonomous Housing Plan establishes for the program assimilable to that of the dwelling to be acquired. The current Live Plan 2020-2030 sets the following income limits: 2,50 IPREM for Special Regime, 4,00 IPREM for the General Regime and 5,50 IPREM for Limited Price. more clearly, to be able to acquire a VPO dwelling under the general regime, the maximum income of the family unit may not exceed €41,000 gross. And in the case of the special regime, If the house has less than 15 años, they can be in a margin of €18,000 gross per year, and if the dwelling has more than 15 años, it is increased to €21,000.
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How can a VPO home be sold? ?

☑ If an owner wants to sell it after purchasing a home, he can do so in two ways:
1. The disqualification housing (They must have passed 10 years from home purchase).
2. Through a request in which the autonomous community sets a regulated price.

☑ Each autonomous community is governed by specific regulations, so you should check what are the requirements of your community to access official protection housing, either on a purchase or rental basis, and how can you sell it if you are already in possession of one.

☑ In the case of Andalusia, the transmission by sale of a VPO home must be governed as indicated in the Law 13/2005, de 11 November for Protected Housing and Land, and the Protected Housing Regulation. for that, if you own a VPO flat and want to sell it, the buyer must abide by the same requirements that any person registered in the Registry of Claimants to access a protected home.

☑ In order to put a VPO home for sale must have elapsed 10 years since its acquisition. Once this time has passed, You can choose to sell it either by transmission under a maximum price dictated by the Junta de Andalucía or disqualifying the house to put it on the market at a free price..

☑ If aid was received for the purchase of a VPO home and the established term has not elapsed , is must request the liquidation of the aid received. If you have not received aid or have already been paid, a communication must be submitted by filling out a second transmission form at your Territorial Delegation.

☑ There may be some exceptions whereby the owner can sell the home before the 10 años. These might be:
– Any change in employment status.
– Increase in the members of the family unit.
– Need for a member of the family unit older than 65 años.
– Being a member of the family unit who is a victim of terrorism.
– Being a member of the family unit who is a victim of gender-based violence.
– Other exceptions to consult in the Housing Plan.
– It is possible that there is a right of first refusal in the autonomous community that regulates the transfer of the home, so, after submitting the communication forms, you must wait for the response, favorable or not, of the corresponding Territorial Delegation.

How to disqualify a home from VPO?

☑ To disqualify a subsidized home it is necessary to present an application with the corresponding documentation in the delegation of the – Ministry of Development, of the province in which the dwelling is located.
☑ It can be requested only in the event that the owner has been registered in the property during the last 5 años. The Territorial Delegation must resolve the disqualification process within a maximum period of three months from the request. If the disqualification is finally granted, The aid received must be returned together with the interest.

What documents do I need to disqualify a VPO home??

The documents needed to disqualify a home from VPO are:
– El application form.
– The national identification document or DNI.
– El property title registered in the property registry.
– The declaration of the holder of having resided habitually and permanently at least during the last 5 años.
– The declaration of the applicant that the disqualification will not cause damage to third parties.
– The certification of the corresponding Land Administration where the house was built.
The certification of the corresponding Administration on the aid that has been obtained with the dwelling.
– The cadastral reference.


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Official Protection Housing (VPO) in Malaga: Requirements

1. Personal and family situation

To be able to access a VPO home in Malaga, it is necessary to meet certain requirements regarding personal and family situation. These requirements may vary depending on the call and the type of housing, but usually some of the following conditions are required:

  • Have an income or income less than a certain amount, which may vary according to the call and the family situation. For example, it may be necessary for the applicant to have a family income of less than three times the Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income (MINIMUM WAGE INDEX) to be able to access a VPO home.
  • Be registered in Malaga for a minimum period of time. in some calls, a registration time of, For example, three years.
  • Not owning a home owned. In some cases, exceptions can be made if the home ownership is not suitable for the family or does not meet certain requirements.
  • have family responsibilities, as minor children or elderly dependents, that can increase the possibilities of access to VPO housing.
  • Not having a criminal record or being in an irregular situation in the country.

It is important to review in detail the specific requirements of each call for VPO housing in Malaga, since they can vary depending on the number of people who will reside in the house, the area in which the house is located, the type of housing and other factors.

In addition to these requirements, it may be necessary to submit documentation proving the personal and family situation of the applicant, like the family book, the income statement, the registration certificates or any other documentation that is required.

2. Employment situation

The employment situation of applicants for VPO homes in Malaga is also an important factor that can influence obtaining a home of this type.. Some of the requirements that are usually required in this regard are:

  • Have an employment contract in force and with a determined duration. In some cases, Indefinite contracts or a minimum duration of one year may be required.
  • Have a minimum income. It is possible that a minimum income is established to be eligible for a VPO home, which may vary according to the call and the number of members of the family unit.
  • Have no income above a certain amount. in some calls, income may be required not to exceed a certain amount, how can it be three times the IPREM.
  • Not be long-term unemployed or have not been unemployed for a long period of time.
  • Not be self-employed or have your own business, in some cases.

It is important to take into account that these requirements may vary depending on the call and the particular circumstances of the applicant.. Documents proving employment status can also be requested, like the latest pay stubs, the last tax returns, employment contracts or any other documentation required.

3. Necessary documentation

To request a VPO home in Malaga, it is necessary to present a series of documents that prove the personal situation, employment and economic status of the applicant and the members of the family unit. Some of the documents that are usually required are:

  • DNI or NIE of all members of the family unit of legal age.
  • Family book or documentation proving the family situation, such as marriage or birth certificates of children.
  • Employment contract and the latest payslips or proof of income.
  • Income statement or any other documentation proving the income of the family unit.
  • Certificate of registration in Malaga.
  • Any other document required in the corresponding call, How can disability certificates be, of a victim of gender violence or a situation of dependency.

It is important to bear in mind that the necessary documentation may vary depending on the call and the particular circumstances of the applicant.. Además, It is essential to present all the complete documentation and on time to be able to opt for a VPO home in Malaga.

4. Other requirements

In addition to the above requirements, there may be other specific requirements according to each VPO call in Malaga. For example, certain commitments can be required in terms of the conservation and maintenance of the home or limits can be established in terms of assets or ownership of other assets.

Official Protection Housing (VPO) in Malaga: Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of accessing a VPO home in Malaga

  1. Affordable price: one of the main advantages of VPO homes is that their price is regulated and is significantly lower than that of the free market. This allows access to decent housing for people with fewer economic resources..
  2. Legal security: VPO homes are regulated by specific regulations that offer legal certainty to the owners. Además, They usually have additional guarantees in case of non-compliance by the promoter or problems in the construction or in the facilities.
  3. Protection against adverse economic situations: in case of adverse economic situations, like job loss, VPO homes offer protection to owners through measures such as temporary suspension of mortgage payment or debt restructuring.
  4. Accessibility: many VPO homes are built in urban areas where access to services and transportation is easier. This allows for greater accessibility for VPO homeowners.
  5. Award priority: VPO homes are awarded based on objective criteria, which means that people with the greatest needs are more likely to access them.

Disadvantages of accessing a VPO home in Malaga

  1. Limitations on the sale: VPO homes are often subject to limitations on selling or renting for a set period of time, which can hinder its sale or its valuation in the market.
  2. Limitations on the reform: in many cases, VPO homes are subject to limitations on renovation and decoration, which can make it difficult to personalize and adapt to the needs of the owners.
  3. lower offer: VPO housing supply is limited and does not always match the needs and preferences of applicants, which can make it difficult to access a VPO home in certain areas or with specific characteristics.
  4. Access requirements: To access a VPO home it is necessary to meet a series of requirements, such as those related to employment and economic situation, which can limit access to people who do not meet these requirements.
  5. limited revaluation: VPO homes are usually subject to limitations on their revaluation, which can hinder its profitability as a long-term investment

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